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Why is e commerce important to your business?  

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the percentage of purchases made online compared to brick and mortar stores is increasing rapidly. Since the online buying surge began in 2000, the increase in retail sales, quarter over quarter, year over year, and from the same quarter previous year have been growing exponentially. At the current rate online purchases will soon outpace brick and mortar.  Do you want to miss out?

Sourece: Retail Indicators Branch, U.S. Census Bureau


Enter the era of selling online

It's a fact that online sales are increasing every year. Online shopping has become the ideal way for an ever growing number of consumers to make purchases . If your business has products for sale, one sales tool you must consider is e commerce. To capitalize on this new way of doing business, your website must be optimized for e commerce with three essential components. First, your customers need a way to choose what they would like to buy from you, usually by clicking on a button located next to the products they want. Next, a shopping cart is required to hold all of their purchases and finally a way to check out so they can pay for their purchases.

The mechanics of these processes are done by a third party. There are a number of companies that offer this service, including paypal, godaddy, goemerchant, and many others. You may choose your own, or we can recommend some based on their track record for competence, compliance with regulations, and an infrastructure capable of handling any size business. Once you have chosen your gateway provider and set up your merchant account with them, we will take you, step-by-step through the development of this system on your site. This will include photographing products if needed, placing products on your site in a way that ensures the best possible presentation and the creation and placement of all necessary parts ("buy me" buttons, cart, checkout platform, etc). When this is completed you will be ready to begin selling your products online.

If you haven't already, check out the mountains of literature in magazines, newspapers and/or online, concerning e commerce. Listen to the ads on radio and TV. The online giants like Amazon, Apple, Google, Paypal, etc. have all made predictions that in the very near future we will be a cashless society and everyone will be using their smart phones to do business online. They say the brick-and-mortar stores will turn into showrooms for their online enterprises. Virtually every business concern in existence today is involved in this phenomenon because they really can't afford not to be. The same is true for you.

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