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Whether you are building a complete brand from scratch or improving an existing design, Digital Web World is the interactive company you want on your side. The mixture of our highly talented, experienced, and driven individuals would compliment your team and help you get your ideas off the ground and built in record time.

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Web Design

Building a New Site

When you choose Digital Web World™ as your website designer we will meet with you to determine your goals and the basic look and feel of the site. During this discovery session we will be using our worksheet to ensure every aspect of your site is discussed. Once that has been determined we will spend the next several days communicating back and forth with you to put together a basic framework for your site. At that point we actually publish your fledgling site using a "development" location on the web. This will not be available to the rest of the world at this time. We give you a web address where you can watch as your site develops. Typically there are two things we work out during this process, art and verbiage.

During our discovery session we will have determined what kind of verbiage and pictures you want on your site and how those will be obtained. We have top notch staff writers who will prepare wording on your site if needed. We also have photographers who can create the pictures for your site.

Your business logo can be placed on your website to help create cohesion between the public's view of your business and your new website. If you would like to have a logo on your website but don't currently have one, our art staff can create one for you.

As one of our clients you will get the same first-class treatment that all of our clients appreciate. This includes friendly staffers who will guide you through the entire process, a unique new website built from scratch from the ground up, and all of the services needed to produce and publish your site.

Repairing Your Current Site

You may be looking at this part on our site because you already have a website but it's been up for a while and it's getting kind of old and worn out looking. Maybe some of the information is out of date. Maybe some of the links point to things that are no longer pertinent to your business. Or maybe, some of your links no longer work and point to nothing at all. If you need some polish to your old site or a complete make-over, we can help. We know that consistency over the long haul is important in business. If you have had your website up for a long period of time, there are key aspects that need to remain the same for your current customers, or similar enough that they can easily navigate through the site to find the things they want. Our designers can take what you already have and clean it up. Put a new shine on it. In a lot of cases, the Home Page of your site will look very similar to your old site with a new feel. The inner workings of your site will be completely analyzed and repaired to ensure everything is working correctly. We will take anything that doesn't apply to your business out and add in anything new you offer in your business. One of the best benefits of cleaning up your site is, your site will perform a lot better and faster. Nothing irritates a customer more than a slow, poorly performing website especially if there are links that go nowhere.

That being said, if you are just sick and tired of that dingy old thing we can do a complete make over.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give us a call right now! 816-225-3830