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We Offer FREE Web Hosting With Your New Site

When you choose Digital Web World™ as your new website designer we offer free web hosting for 12 months. That's a significant savings and an advantage when you think of all your other expenses. In addition, it's just one less thing you have to worry about at this time. Setting up an account with a commercial host takes time and money. When you sign on with us, it's automatic. You can, of course, switch to another host at anytime. But why would you? It's free and there is absolutely no difference in host providers in regard to your website having a home. The only difference they offer is higher fees even after your 12 month free period, our fees are much lower than most commercial hosts.

Prior to the end of your 12 months free hosting period, you will be notified. At that time you can continue with us @ $89.00 per year or select a new host provider. There is generally a fee associated with transferring both your domain and/or your site.