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The World

U.S. and Worldwide internet usage:

There are approximately 243,066,000 internet users in the United States. That is about 78% of the population, all of whom are potential customers or clients.

As one of our clients, we will publish your site on the world wide web and when we do, it literally goes all over the world and is accessible by over 2 billion people. The exposure your website can give you is truly mind boggling.

We take pride in ensuring that your website is professional looking and professionally maintained. It's what we do.

Digital Web World

At Digital Web World we design and build websites that do what you want them to do. Namely letting the whole world know what you are about. Whether you want to advertise your services or you would like to sell your products online, your website is one of your most important tools for advertising who you are. It is virtually impossible to conduct business today without a professionally developed website and more and more your website defines who you are. This fact makes it imperative to have your site designed and developed by a top notch firm that knows what works and what doesn't. In addition to ensuring you have all of the components that work for your site, we pride ourselves in not recommending things that don't fit in to your totally integrated package. When your website is published on the World Wide Web your business can be seen by over 2 billion people world wide. When you call us now about your website you have made the right call at the right time to get a highly effective advertising medium that expresses who you are to the world.

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A professionally designed website can expose you to thousands (billions actually...see sidebar) of potential new clients. Having a unique and distinguished website will positively advance your professional image. With nearly everyone using the web as their first source when deciding where to place their recources, a top-notch web presence is essential. All of your current, new and potential customers will be continuously informed of what's going on in your business and have a convenient place to get in touch with you.

Unique Design

Our websites are uniquely designed from the ground up. We don't slap a few pictures in a template and call it good. All of our sites are built one section at a time until you the client are happy with the results. If you have been surfing the web and see a site that you are particularly intrigued with, by all means we can produce a site that include similar layouts.


All of our work is 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction. We will specify all aspects of the work to be performed on the site and you will be given a quote before any work begins. We stay with it until you are completely satisfied.